The Selecton Server

Server for the Identification of Site-Specific
Positive Selection & Purifying Selection

Nucleic Acids Research. 35: W506-W511 (2007) [pdf] [abs].
Bioinformatics. 21(9): 2101-2103 (2005). [pdf] [abs]

DNA coding-sequences
Enter your DNA file (Fasta format only)* Choose alignment method:
Enter your codon-aligned file (Fasta format only)**
Query sequence name ***
Job title (Optional)
*Either enter unaligned DNA coding sequences in Fasta format
**Or enter DNA sequences which are codon aligned, in Fasta format.
***Please enter a reference sequence name, as it appears in your DNA text file.
The results of the analysis will be displayed on this sequence.

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Your email address will be used to update you the moment the results are ready.

Advanced options

Protein Structure
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Chain Identifier (for none, enter"none")

Tree phylogeny
Enter your tree file in Newick format

Optimize branch lengths
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Evolutionary Model
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Empirical amino-acid matrix (for MEC model only):
Precision level:

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